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Welcome To Click Wise Computer Services

On this page you will find a summary of my (John Cairns') main Windows (7 and 8) and OS X (Mountain Lion / Mavericks) computer services, with their prices listed on the 2014 Prices page. More detailed service information can be found on that page by clicking on the title of a service. Other services include Computer Lessons and Website Creation. You can also download and print my Services & Prices, Website Services and Computer Buying Advice files.

Why Call John?

One reason is because I am reasonably priced. Many of my services only take between 1 Hour (£15 Windows / £20 Apple Mac) and 2 Hours (£30 Windows / £40 Apple Mac) to perform, with an additional £5 Call-Out Fee per home/office visit, and for that you get a Professional Job.

As an example; When I install Windows as a "Full Windows Installation" its means exactly that. I will install Microsoft Windows, Windows Updates, Security Software & Updates, Third-Party Hardware (i.e. Printer and Router) and Third-Party Software (i.e. iTunes, Skype and Microsoft Office). In other words, you will NOT get a "Bare Minimum Installation" from me.

John Cairns            John Cairns            John Cairns

When I set up your Apple Mac iCloud hardware and/or software (i.e. Wireless Printer and iPad) I will show you they are working by giving you a mini-tutorial on how to operate them.

On top of the above I like to keep abreast of technology and its problems by buying it, reading about it and/or seeing it in action when I visit a client. "Going around the houses" means I have the advantage of seeing all sorts of computer problems. Real people with a whole array of computer problems.

Why So Affordable?

Simple. Being a mobile computer service means I don't have the same overheads and costs as a Computer Shop for example and can therefore offer you affordable prices.

Cut-Off Price

If your computer problems are going to take a while to fix, such as a Virus Removal and/or Software Clean-Up, whereby it's going to cost you more than £80 for example I will normally cap the overall, total, price to £80 in that case; depending on circumstances such as how many overall jobs were done and how many computers were worked on.

Professional Services

In today's rip-off, untrustworthy, society words like "Affordable", "Cheap" and "Free" are increasingly evoking thoughts, feelings and suspicions of something being "Cheap & Nasty", "Unprofessional", "Unqualified" and/or "Lacking" usually followed by "What's The Catch"; especially from those who have already been "stung" by a "rip-off merchant".

Rest assured I am Genuine and Professional. With my expertise I could easily charge £40 Per Hour, but because I acknowledge times are difficult and you have worked hard for your money I like to give "Value For Money" by way of professional services at low, affordable, prices. If you read these web pages properly you will soon discover what I can do for you and how I have helped my customers. Don't take my word for it though - Please feel free to read my About John page and Testimonials.

Know WHO Is Visiting You

In these days of Online Scams and Phone Frauds you need to know who is calling you and who is visiting you. The photos above and the ones on my testimonials page are of me, John Cairns. The middle and right photos were taken in October 2013 with the left photo being my original leaflet photo taken in April 2011. Yes! I've aged slightly and lost a bit of weight!

As well as my leaflet photo and the photos on this website I can also, on request, refer you to one of my customers who will happily give you assurances and references that will verifying me, my computer services and reassure you that I am 100% Genuine.

Broadband Installation

1 Router installed with Wireless Setup and Security if required - Wireless Connectivity for Apple MACs, PCs, Tablets, Phones and other Wireless Devices.

You may need to show me your broadband provider's Letter(s) with relevant E-Mail Address(es), Username(s), Password(s) and other Login Details before installation which is quite normal and necessary for a smooth installation.

Data Backup/Recovery

Your Photo, Video, Music, Document, E-Mail and Bookmark Files stored onto your External Hard Drive(s), DVDs and/or Flash Drive(s); available for future Data Recovery.

I can also clone your Windows (7 / 8) Hard Drive and backup your System Files.

Basic Computer Lessons

Windows (7 / 8), OS X (Mountain Lion), iPad 3 / Mini (iOS7), Office (2010 / 2011 / 2013), E-Mail, The Internet, File Backup, Online Safety & Security, Website Management and much more.

I also teach more advanced, more specific, lessons at my descretion, but they do cost extra!

If you are new to the iPad and/or Apple Mac I can teach you about Basic Setup, iCloud & Synchronising, E-mail, The Internet, Apps and much more.

Hardware Installation

Memory, Hard Drive, Wireless Router, Printer, Scanner, All-In-One, Sound Card, Graphics Card, WebCam and much more.

With this service I will install up to 2 Devices within 1 Hour - £15 (Windows 7 / 8) / £20 (OS X Mountain Lion). Example: 1 Printer and 1 Wireless Router.

Computer Set Up / Advice

I don't just fix computer problems! I also set up new, out of the box, computers and make sure they are installed correctly with security protection and common softwares.

If you need advice about what computer to buy, what security software to use and/or hardware specifications just give me a call. Many new and existing clients have done so and bought goods I have recommended for their needs/budget. My advice is FREE.

Software Problems Fixed / Cleaned-Up

Removal of Unwanted, Left-Over, Problem software. Includes virus scanning and the installation of FREE protection software, if required.

Software Installation

Types of software installed: Windows (7 / 8), OS X (Mountain Lion / Mavericks), Office (2010 • 2011 • 2013), Security, Printer, Mobile Phone, WebCam, Messenger and other Third-Party Softwares.

Windows / OS X Installation

1 Download or 1 DVD Installation of Windows (7 / 8) or OS X (Mountain Lion / Mavericks) installed with Security Software & Updates and standard Third-Party Hardware/Software.

Additional installations (such as Office, Skype, ITunes, Flash Player and Java) may cost extra depending on the timescale of overall installations.

Is The Computer Worth Fixing?

Is It Worth Fixing? - If your computer has the Windows XP or OS X Leopard (10.5) operating system installed on it, which is perhaps too slow for you to work with due to natural wear and tear of the hard drive and/or because of software corruption, you should be telling yourself "I Need A New Computer". Why? Because the price of getting it fixed and/or running smoothly again could be, too, expensive. Plus Windows XP is insecure now. Microsoft ended Windows Updates for it in January 2014.

What About A Clean-Up? - In many cases a Clean-Up Job (removal of unwanted, problem, corrupt, left-over, bloated, software) can suffice whereby your computer is bearable for another year or so, but the downside is that a clean-up job may take up to 3 Hours to complete with no real, visible, improvements. Software Updates and Security in general do not help either because they add to the bloatedness/slowness. At the end of the day a typical clean-up may cost you £60 and only act as a temporary fix/solution.

What About A Reinstallation? - This is another option you could take, but reinstallation has become costly - You may need to buy a new, £70+, OS X DVD or Windows DVD, especially if you have lost your original Windows XP DVD (or OS X DVD) or deleted its Recovery Partition from the hard drive. You might also need to buy a new hard drive (£40+) due to natural wear and tear and/or because it does not make sense putting a new Windows (or OS X) onto an old worn-out hard drive. Either way, Windows or OS X will need to be installed on a hard drive (£60 Labor). As you can see; if you're lucky it could cost you a £60 reinstallation of Windows XP, but on the other hand it could cost you a new hard drive (£40+), a new Windows 8 (£90+) plus an installation fee of £60. So at this point you would need to ask yourself "Is It Worth Reinstalling? Or Should I Cut My Loses And Buy A New Computer?".

Security Issues - Windows XP is now unsupported by Microsoft Windows Updates, which means as a whole Windows XP is now even more vulnerable to Hackers and Virus Programmers who can easily take advantage of its operating system insecurities and vulnerabilities. This is something you need to take into account as a Windows XP user. Security Software (i.e. Anti-Virus / Internet Security software) can protect your computer to a degree but not as well as you might think or expect. The same applies to OS X security.

Hard Drive Issues? - An hard drive in general tends to work fine for 4-6 years, after which time it begins to get noisy and start tripping over data like a scratched record. Slip Disc (or slip hard drive) syndrome in other words - The hard drive grinding noise begins to overtake the natural sound of the computer's fan. Months or Years later the hard drive starts making a tinny sound (like someone scraping a metal spoon around a saucepan!) before finally going into "Loose My Data" mode and/or "Always Restart The Computer" mode. If your hard drive is beginning to show these signs of wear and tear you should think about having your Windows (or OS X) and/or Computer serviced.

What About Windows Vista? - Windows Vista is okay for the moment because it's only just over four years old and therefore still has plenty of life in it!! which means if you do need it reinstalling on the same hard drive, with the original Windows Vista DVD, at some point it will be worth the expense. The same applies to OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), which came out in August 2009. Note: I no longer work with Windows XP and Vista.

London Areas Covered

I work in areas that are within 40 Minutes of travel from Central London, using London Transport (Tube/Bus), and cover the following areas in general. Meaning, I do visit more areas than shown here but it depends on the time of day, neighbourhood, travelling distance and other factors as to whether or not I can visit those other areas.

Barons Court
Belsize Park
Camden Town

Central London
Earl's Court

Herne Hill
Holland Park
Kentish Town

Ladbroke Grove
Liverpool Street
London Bridge
Maida Vale
Mornington Crescent
Muswell Hill
Notting Hill

Old Street
St John's Wood
Swiss Cottage

Tooting Bec
Tufnell Park
Victoria Park
West End
Monday - Saturday  10am - 7pm
John Cairns trading as Click Wise Computer Services, Communications House, 26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ
Payment Methods - Cash • Cheque • E-Banking • PayPal • Debit/Credit Card (via PayPal) * All Work Receipted.